WEISSWALD watch bands are meticulously handcrafted from Siberian Taiga birch bark – the first such watch band on the market. The benefits of birch bark are many: this sustainable, renewable, natural material is vegan, durable, water- and sweat-repellent, practical, comfortable, as well as beautiful.

Whilst wearing a WEISSWALD watch band, velvety soft birch bark and your skin caress each other all day, inseparable, coexisting. Birch bark is pH-skin-balanced and antibacterial meaning that WEISSWALD is not only good for the environment but good for your skin too.


WEISSWALD’s patented Cortton technology creates a layered structure of birch bark, improving on the material’s already amazing natural properties to make it even more robust and flexible. Each watch band – made from a single piece of birch bark – is lasered and treated with natural binders, ensuring such precision in shape and size that bespoke design requests are also possible.


An ancient tradition meets cutting-edge technology: our loop-free watch band clasps click into place, guaranteeing that even the heaviest watch face is secure at the wrist. WEISSWALD watch bands are suitable for different sizes of wrists and hands, as well as a wide range of watch faces. See our size chart.


WEISSWALD supports renewable industry in the watch market and is the perfect luxurious vegan alternative. Made in Siberia, our watch bands are handcrafted from birch bark harvested from only the outer layer of living trees across the Taiga. WEISSWALD watch bands are as strong and durable as leather, rubber, and metal watch bands.


Birch bark is nature’s miracle material:
As comfortable as leather…
As long lasting as metal…
As lightweight as rubber…
As water repellent as plastic…

…but also environmentally friendly, antibacterial, pH-skin-balanced, and velvety soft. WEISSWALD birch bark is carefully harvested, selected, and handcrafted into high-quality watch bands that are also beautiful designer items in their own right.


WEISSWALD watch bands conform to the individual shape of your wrist and, over time, develop a unique and charming patina. They require no regular maintenance and are available in a range of colours from light brown to deep ochre.

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